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oh man, look at those cavemen go!
it's the freakiest show.
you get art today because... because. 
22nd-Jul-2009 07:13 pm
O hai!
Excuse DECADES LONG posting-absence (and by decades, I mean nearly four months. DECADES).

1. It is summer!
2. and I am back from uni!
3. =DDDD

Because I'm having an insanely creative week (WHY IS THIS?), but also mostly because there's no real point to this post otherwise, you get art today! I don't do art, as a rule, so this is fairly novel. But I've been working for-real on my constant WIP (the four-book series I've been planning since I was twelve) and I needed something to look at, so this is Leon and Cevair from the first book/prequel ('The Stained Glass Window Sequence').

I promise I'm better at writing than I am at drawing T__T.

leon & cevair


Featuring inexplicably-topless!Leon, ahaha. That's kind of out of character XD. I know Cevair's shoulders are HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, but I drew this at like 3am and inked it early this morning before I was awake enough to KNOW ANY BETTER, so... she is narrow-shouldered, okay?! It's a tragic condition! As are her freckles. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea.

Quality is horrible as I don't have a scanner and just stood over and photographed it. Please can artistic people on my f-list tell me what human beings are supposed to look like? Apparently I don't know. And if someone wants to draw in some shoulders, DO IT. UGH, SHOULDERS, WHAT IS THE POINT.

22nd-Jul-2009 10:10 pm (UTC)
YOU! :D It HAS been decades, lol! I was just thinking about you like two days ago and missing you and happysighing over your awesome. I like to believe I summoned you. <<

I must have done a good job at summoning because not only do we, your flist, get Indy but we also get Indyart! Wow I am seriously abusing exclamation points today, it's kind of horrible. I really think there should be a hybrid sort of punctuation that isn't as overexcited-ADHA-kid-who-just-ate-an-entire-cake-filled-with-sugar as a ! but has more feeling to it than the droll .

Also, points to you for asking for concrit because I swear there is nothing more valuable.
First of all I have to say the hair is spectacular. The entire drawing as a whole is darling and very tender but the hair, to me, looks like it was where you felt most confident. The different tones, the sensitive lines, it has a great natural flow to it so well done, hair is hard to do lol. Hair, hands, and feet are like the hardest things for me to do in any given drawing.
I know you were having some angst about the shoulders but there really isn't anything wrong with them at all. The only thing making them look a little awkward is their size is relation to their heads. Someone once said to me that the human head is NEVER as big as you think it is and I honest to god say that to myself every single time I draw anything.
My suggestions would be:
+ keep in mind body ratios and make sure your heads aren't too big for your shoulders
+ work on ears, they are more important than we give them credit for and most everyone cheats with them lol. But they are what connects the head to the neck, that's a big job. :) You don't have to do every detail, particularly if the rest of the drawing is slightly stylised, but keep in mind that the ear is generally half as wide as it is tall.
+ you definitely have an idea of how to draw noses but I think you could improve by taking a leap and going into more detail with them. You started to, I see the slight shadow at turn of her nose but never fear the nose, for it can be extremely beautiful if you get to know it and really offers up a lot of cool shapes and angles and shades of shadow to play with.
+ just about this drawing specifically, I might make the girl's jaw even more of a gentle curve, particularly right at the hook of her jaw. Angle it up toward the ear more and you'd get a more dimensional and feminine face.

Overall I love it. :3 And the curve of the corner of her lips is like heeee, a perfectly subtle smile. I vote great job, even eyes close you created a moment of blissful togetherness. You should draw moreeee. Believe me, I am the opposite of you and feel way more comfortable drawing than writing but both of us can DO the thing we're less comfortable with and have natural talent in that direction. We should both exercise it!
22nd-Jul-2009 10:24 pm (UTC)
YOU DID SUMMON ME. I'm like a genie. A short, redheaded, British genie. You get three wishes, as long as all you wish for is my love. ♥♥♥ Actually you already kind of wished for a new form of punctuation, SO I WILL GET RIGHT ON THAT.

Indyart is not fun and is horribly embarassing but dkgdkfjgndjkn thank you so much for the concrit, that helps so much. I kind of knew the proportions were wrong (I was lying in bed when I drew this... it looked okay the way I was lying, and then I sat up straight and was like '... o__O' XD)
And yes hair is what I'm most confident at, haha. I think it's cause I spent five years of maths lessons drawing girls with flow-y hair on the inside covers of my exercise books, so while I can't draw bodies/proportions to save myself I like faces & hair. Thank you ♥
+ Ears! I didn't even think about ears. My ears are like mythical beasts and only come out when the moon is full (...HAIR) so I'm not really sure what ears look like. Ahaha. I'm gonna go look at my ears, or something.
+ I AM TERRIFIED OF NOSES. I HAVE TERRIBLE DREAMS WITH NOSES IN THEM. I mean, like, among other things. BUT MOSTLY NOSES. There's a little bit more shading on her nose on the actual thing but it doesn't show up very well on the picture here; I'm always really light on them cause as soon as I get ambitious they go to shit, and I have ruined SO MANY PICTURES that way. So everyone I draw shares the same tiny, unnoticeable nose, and I feel like I'm blessing my illustrated world as none of my people have to suffer the nose-related problems I have lived with all my life. Why do I keep writing great long paragraphs in response to you? You inspire me, ahaha.
+ And I think you're right about her jaw. It needs to end closer to her ear (which is there! kind of hidden under her hair, but there!).

YOU'RE SO AWESOME. THANK YOU. When I said 'artistic people on my flist' I was really thinking 'HANNNAHHH' but I thought that might creep you out. I'm such a creeper XD.
We should both exercise it!
ORRRR I should write a story and you illustrate it, and neither of us worry about the things we're less comfortable with. Wait, this is why I suck XD.

fdkgndkj I LOVE YOU ♥
22nd-Jul-2009 10:37 pm (UTC)
Heeee never fear, my entire flist is creepers. Surrounding myself with fellows is the only way I can continue to function lmao. I wish for a new punctuation symbol, your love, and a cupcake that says creeper on it. Because I am hungry and I desire a cupcake and frankly any cakey deliciousness would be made better if it had creepy stuff written/draw on it. But yes, I am glad to help, man. Having people who's advice you can trust with your art around is veryyyy important. I would die if no one could give me concrit lol.

Lol I have elusive ears too. I LOVE ears, I always look at people's when I meet them for the first time lol, but I don't enjoy mine. I have a crackpot theory that most people's ears generally resemble the shape of that person's skull lmao. No one believes me but one day I will prove it!

I also used to be scared of noses, they are sooooo easy to mess up on. But the only way you can get better is to keep trying obsessively until you eventually get to a place where you like them. It doesn't have to be overly defined, some people have styles like that and it's gorgeous, but being able to define them is golden because it helps soooo much with getting their proportions right.

Also, I wish I had the patience to draw hair on MY notes. XD My notes have skinny boybodies drawn in their margins, not hair. I should work on that. I recently posted a piece of Regulus and I was like "I DONT WANT TO DO THE HAIRRRRRR >8[" for like half an hour until I finally sucked it up and made a few lines lol.

No! Exercise is important! Lol. I don't do it nearly enough to my body so we should do it to our mindsssss.
22nd-Jul-2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
Aahahaha I would love to make you a cupcake with 'creeper' on it! JUST WAIT. Actually maybe I'll just fulfil all your wishes in cupcake form... one has 'creeper' written on, one has New!Punctuation! and the other one... has my heart stuffed inside it as a delicious bloody surprise beneath the frosting. Mmmm.
I would give you concrit in future but you basically kick my arse to Hades on the artskillz front, so I'll just give you cake instead, really.

How would you prove that theory without SKINNING SOMEONE'S HEAD AND LOOKING AT THEIR SKULL?
- Oh, I suppose you could x-ray, actually.

Re: noses, I spent a lot of years drawing little tiny-line anime noses and it's a hard habit to break T__T. If I try to shade up the sides it looks like my people have little penises stuck onto their faces. I will persevere, but only because you say so! And hair can get tiring if you're working in pencil... I love ink, so that's a lot faster. Alternatively, draw blondes XD.

*star jumps* DONE!
22nd-Jul-2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
Noo concrit can come from anyone with the right eye, and you have that eye. People who don't know how to Look at art have a hard time giving crit but regardless of style and skill level if you can visualise what you're taking about then according to my rulebook you have every right to talk about it. :D

I am in love with these cupcake ideas lol. I will let my zombie!Reg eat the heart one, he would be thrilled.

X-rays or, for preliminary tests, wet hair in tight, high ponytails so the shape of their head is visible. I will make charts and comparison overlays, it will rule. People laugh at my theory lmaoo but I have believed in it for like half my life.

O anime noses. I also went through a many year long phase of attempting that style but I eventually morphed back into more realism and, for me personally, it was a GOOD GOOD MOVE lol. but a hard one. After all, it's easier to see what you do wrong when it looks closer to how people really look. If you mess up an anime eye, for example, you can just say you meant to make it that way.
23rd-Jul-2009 10:22 am (UTC)
I *sometimes* have that eye, for other people. I just can't identify what's wrong with my own work, it's like a vague feeling of '=|' that I don't know how to fix.


Lololol you've really thought about this XD. I am so not going to let you put my hair in a tight high ponytail because I have a giant skull (and tiny ears, actually! Maybe this is the root of my proportion problems) and I can't imagine that being very flattering. ALTHOUGH is this aspect included in your theory? My skull may still be the same *shape* as my ears, but you should mention there being no correlation between relative sizes in your... final write-up. Lmao.

Exactlyy. I think anime is the reason that every person in the world that I draw looks exactly the same, apart from hair and clothes, because I can't draw different features. Hence the kind of stylised drawing above. Which is what I'm so jealous of you over, cause you can draw people who don't look like one big incestuous family (...except for when you're drawing incestuous families. I maybe picked the wrong person for that analogy) and who are actually recognisible as characters/individuals. Which is what I'm trying to work on =|.
24th-Jul-2009 10:55 pm (UTC)
Lulz, we were talking about stuff related to the person with the right eye for concrit the other day. This person is not me. Not for fic, not for art, nada. Kaytar definitely has what I lack :D
24th-Jul-2009 01:05 pm (UTC)

that is all
31st-Jul-2009 09:40 am (UTC)
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