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oh man, look at those cavemen go!
it's the freakiest show.
you get art today because... because. 
22nd-Jul-2009 07:13 pm
O hai!
Excuse DECADES LONG posting-absence (and by decades, I mean nearly four months. DECADES).

1. It is summer!
2. and I am back from uni!
3. =DDDD

Because I'm having an insanely creative week (WHY IS THIS?), but also mostly because there's no real point to this post otherwise, you get art today! I don't do art, as a rule, so this is fairly novel. But I've been working for-real on my constant WIP (the four-book series I've been planning since I was twelve) and I needed something to look at, so this is Leon and Cevair from the first book/prequel ('The Stained Glass Window Sequence').

I promise I'm better at writing than I am at drawing T__T.

leon & cevair


Featuring inexplicably-topless!Leon, ahaha. That's kind of out of character XD. I know Cevair's shoulders are HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, but I drew this at like 3am and inked it early this morning before I was awake enough to KNOW ANY BETTER, so... she is narrow-shouldered, okay?! It's a tragic condition! As are her freckles. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea.

Quality is horrible as I don't have a scanner and just stood over and photographed it. Please can artistic people on my f-list tell me what human beings are supposed to look like? Apparently I don't know. And if someone wants to draw in some shoulders, DO IT. UGH, SHOULDERS, WHAT IS THE POINT.

24th-Jul-2009 02:46 am (UTC)
You're loco, this art is gorgeous and I love their hair in particular.
24th-Jul-2009 09:30 am (UTC)
Well your face is gorgeous, and HELLO I'VE MISSED YOU by the way, where have you beennn? ♥
24th-Jul-2009 11:02 pm (UTC)
Heeeee I've been lazing about. I got my driver's license some weeks ago but have no car to drive lmao, so my victory is bittersweet.

I agree with that Katie said above- this picture looks really nice photographed and not scanned. It's not obvious to me that it's not scanned and it looks like they're standing facing a window or something. The girl's nose is really cute and vaguely anime-y but nicer :3

Alsooooo, have you seen HBP? I've been in HP fangirl mode since it came out, I can't help but ask. I hope your summer's been good so farrrrrr :3
31st-Jul-2009 09:48 am (UTC)
I have the exact same problem except I passed my test at EASTER, and STILL have no car, ahaha. The most frustrating thing is I had one right up until Christmas when it failed its MOT, so rather than get it fixed or something - which seems the obvious thing to do, no? - my mother CRUSHED IT. INTO A CUBE. I'm a little bit bitter, in case you didn't notice XD. But well done on passing, haha.

Thank you ♥ Her nose is only anime-y cause I can't draw rl noses, lol.

And yes I have! GOOD THINGS: everything Ron did ever, BELLATRIX (especially when Harry and Snape are like, shouting at each other dramatically, and Bella's capering in the background, LMAOO. I got serious giggles), Lavender and McClaggen were both brilliant, and I loved the cinematography when Dumbledore died. But then weighed against that you have Harry/Ginny, which was horribly done (also I'd never noticed til now how bad Bonnie Wossface is at acting) and some more stuff I can't remember. So I was a little undecided on it in the end XD.
1st-Aug-2009 05:01 am (UTC)
Lmao that is so unfortunate. One day we will have cars and be mobile and stuff, and it'll be awesome.

I liked it a loooot :D Ron was awesome and while I think Bellatrix could've been scarier- her presence was enough to make me happy. Dumbledore's death was done sort of awkwardly with Harry watching but I don't even remember where he was watching from in the book so whatever XD And I loved Dracooooo, obviously. I loved the facekicking and Luna heeeee. The burrow burning down was really random but you know, you win some you lose some :) Harry/Ginny was ew indeed. And I didn't really like the Ron saying Hermione in the hospital wing thing -_- but the funnies made up for it. But it was fun to watch and didn't make me angry like OOTP did so heeeee :D
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